Writing Modular CSS with Sass

CSS needs to be reusable, scalable and adaptable to different use cases. When writing modular CSS, our goal should be to get to a point where modifying or re-arranging anything about the structure will not break the front-end.

Slides for CSS Summit 2015 presentation

In this session from CSS Summit 2015, Guil covers how to use many of the best practices and principles of modular CSS architecture with Sass. You’ll learn how a modular approach with Sass can boost your front-end workflow and cut down on maintenance, including:

  • How to write code that scales, no matter how big the project
  • Writing code others can easily read and maintain
  • Overview of the patterns of BEM (Block Element Modifier) and SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS)
  • Creating CSS components that do not rely on context
  • Mixins and functions for writing modular code

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